Additional Resources

Please see below a few TaRL resources. Please note: you can find these resources, along with more information on each topic, on the corresponding webpage. See the TaRL Approach and Evidence sections.


Visit the Evidence page to learn about the evidence behind the TaRL Approach. Interested in learning more about how researchers, policymakers, and implementers conduct research and use rigorous evidence to guide programs and policymaking? Explore these resources:


Please visit the implementation teams page for a full overview of teams responsible for teaching TaRL classes, mentoring TaRL instructors, and designing TaRL programmes.

For more information about instructors and mentors, download the pdfs or watch the training webinar:


Visit the Assessment page of this website for a full explanation of the role of assessments in TaRL programmes. Visit the following websites for sample assessment tools and more information:


Visit the Classroom Methodology page, and the Reading and Mathematics sub-pages to read about the core TaRL principles and see example materials and videos.


Please visit the Monitoring page of this website for more information about monitoring processes and check back for sample Monitoring resources at a later stage. Read about monitoring systems in other contexts:

Have a question about TaRL? Register for the forum to start posting questions and draw on the experience and knowledge of a range of TaRL implementers, policymakers, and supporters. Find more resources in the TaRL Community section.