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Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) Africa supports programs in more than 14 countries, working directly with governments in Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zambia providing support through partners in other African countries. Our mission is to support every child across Africa to build their foundational skills for a better future. In 2022 TaRL Africa was registered as a non-profit organization with its headquarters in Kenya, working directly with African governments to scale-up TaRL as well as support a community of actors across the continent who are using the TaRL methodology to improve learning outcomes. 

Objective of Consultancy 

TaRL Africa is seeking the services of a freelance copy editor who can provide support at short notice on tight deadlines. The scope of work is described below. The editor will be engaged whenever the need arises, especially to review proposals and reports. 

Scope of Work 

Review and revise TaRL Africa content including donor reports, blogs and proposals, for accuracy and quality, including spelling, clarity, readability, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. 

  1. Ensure correct tone, voice, clarity, flow and structure of content. 
  2. In collaboration with responsible staff from TaRL Africa, guide the drafts through fact-checking and copy-editing processes and track responses to queries; edit and review final copy of report or document. 
  3. Ensure adherence to the TaRL Africa style and language guidelines 4. Provide suggestions to enhance readability and overall effectiveness of content. 5. Verifying cross-referenced information and citations. 
  4. Proofreading the final draft for typographical and formatting errors. 7. Maintaining the original author’s intended meaning and tone while improving the overall quality of the text. 


University Degree in Communications, Journalism, English, or related field. Proven experience in copy editing and proofreading publications Must have advanced English language or be a native English speaker Ability to

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What is TaRL Africa?

Pratham and J-PAL have come together to create the TaRL Africa team, dedicated to supporting the growth of TaRL at scale on the continent.