TaRL Africa Webinar Series 2020

TaRL Africa Webinar Series 2020

Illustration of a women holding out her hand. A lightbulb floats above her hand. She is wearing headphones with a mic attached.Throughout 2020, TaRL Africa will host a series of webinars covering topics related to foundational skills education. The first webinar covered Mathematics Education in Africa: Challenges and Solutions. If you would like to receive webinar reminders, please sign up here.

Some of the topics we hope to cover throughout the year include:

  1. Maths Education in Africa: challenges and solutions
  2. Engaging parents and communities
  3. Accelerating learning when schools resume
  4. Language of instruction and transitioning to additional languages
  5. TaRL and French language learning
  6. Sustainability of education innovations in government systems
  7. TaRL in emergency settings

Past Webinars

See the YouTube playlist for past webinars.

Other Events