TaRL Learning Journey – Botswana

TaRL Learning Journey – Botswana

9-10 September 2019

In 2019, the Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) Africa team and Young 1ove will host an opportunity to visit classrooms in Botswana to see TaRL in action and engage with TaRL implementers.

There are limited spots available for learning journeys. Although most spots will be offered by invitation, we will hold an application process for anyone else interested in learning more about the approach. Please note that participants will be required to cover their own travel, accommodation, and additional costs. Transport to schools will be provided.

What is a learning journey?

Learning journeys are an opportunity to experience TaRL in action in the classroom. In 2019, the TaRL Africa team is offering opportunities to see TaRL classes in Botswana, led by Young 1ove.

How can I learn more about TaRL in Botswana?

Please see the Botswana case study and visit the Young 1ove website and blog to learn more.
For more information about TaRL training opportunities, visit the workshops page.


Young 1ove and TaRL Africa Team Partnership

Young 1ove is an organisation dedicated to evidence-backed interventions for youth. Within the TaRL Africa community, Young 1ove is the Innovation Hub for Africa, providing a demonstration sitehub for interested governments and organisations, and collaborating with a broader TaRL community to host trainings on the TaRL approach.


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